About 3G

So what is a 3G Pitch? Well have a little read below and all we be made clear.

Third Generation (3G) Football Pitch

Hornsea School 3G pitch opened in July 2015. The facility provides an excellent venue for local sports team, for training and match days. The 3G pitch is available for use by schools, colleges and members of the community.

3G pitches are the most significant and successful development in synthetic surface technology designed for football and rugby at both competitive and recreational levels. In 3G turf, the pile (artificial grass ‘blades’) is supported by a thin base layer of sand, and by an infill of rubber crumb.

The benefits of playing on a synthetic grass surface are that the pitches can be used intensively and can even hold a number of matches on the same day, without becoming waterlogged or unplayable. The pitch is managed by Tom Connor. This website and the Hornsea 3G social media pages are property of Hornsea School & Language College which is overseen by head of IT Rob Coles. 

3G Pitch Build

So how does this stack up, well as you can imagine this level of technology is not cheap, and we have been very fortunate to receive funding from a number of donations, these are listed below.

Project cost = £519,346

We have raised this money by:

  1. Football Foundation Grant of £316,386
  2. Sport England Inspired Facilities Fund £49,460
  3. Hornsea School Contribution £50,000
  4. East Riding Council £40,000
  5. East Riding Council (Commuted Sums) £45,000
  6. Hornsea Lions £1,000
  7. Hornsea School PTFA (including our 3G sponsorship fundraiser) £5,000
  8. Hornsea Town FC £10,000
  9. Hornsea Sporting FC £2,500