Women's walking football

Walking football is a less intensive, simplified version of football

Welcome to Hornsea Women’s Walking Football. Walking football is a less intensive, simplified version of football. There are no complicated rules; the ball should remain low and there is no offside rule, with the only other exception from the regular game being that you cannot run!


Any age is welcome, so whether you are young, or young at heart come and give it a go……..you may find that you enjoy it. Our members are currently aged 11 to 72!


Any ability is welcome, if you have never kicked a ball or used to play for a team there is no discrimination. The sessions are always fun and the intention is to keep active. We always start with a warm up session, followed by some skills development and end with a game.


As well as offering health benefits, walking football offers social benefits. The opportunity to meet new people, prevent isolation and create interaction for individuals and small group. The team camaraderie is great and we have organised social events too.


The sessions are every Tuesday 6pm to 7pm and costs £3. Just turn up and join in.



Testimonials from the Players


Larrain : The day I joined Women’s Walking football was to change my hum drum life. The first game was to be the beginnings of a new outlook of what I could achieve, health friendship, fun and most of all self-worth .Thank you Tom for all your hard work training us ladies. 


Caroline : Football has never figured in my life – my hubby hates it and my dad and brothers were Rugby fans. I have never really liked the game. I joined Hornsea Women’s Walking Football with friends for the exercise and now really enjoy it. My teenage daughter and her friend are both members of the team and we have a great laugh. There is a 60 year age span amongst the players and we all enjoy improving our skills whilst getting fit. We have also made many new friends who would never have met without this club. 


Marion : The team are so friendly and welcoming and having not done any sport for years it was great to be able to confidently start again. This was solely down to Tom’s encouragement and ability to coach in a way that enables everyone who plays to join in and play at a level and pace that suits them. The sessions are always fun. 


Julia : Tuesday night best night of my week walking football we have an hour of fun and laughter, made some good friends no one minds our age (wrong side of 70) it’s so nice mixed age group. I joined the club after losing weight so we could keep fit and meet people. I would never have thought I would play at K-Com stadium but we did what an amazing day that was.